Organizations must keep in mind that there’s a delicate balance in allowing employees the freedom to access corporate resources easily using their own devices (BYOD), while ensuring the security for vital data and networks.

To achieve the balance in mobility, organizations should adopt a platform that addresses these challenges – consumerization of IT, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – along with securing corporate data that is presumed to be protected to avoid data breach.

Enterprise Mobility Suite is a comprehensive solution that will not only balance mobility strategy, but will also provide protection to your corporate data while enjoying its benefits that bring efficiency and productivity to both company and employees.

EMS is comprised of three products:

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium for Hybrid Identity Management
  • Microsoft Windows Intune for Mobile Device Management
  • Microsoft Azure Rights Management Service for Data Protection

Primo Stream is a cloud solutions provider delivering the flexibility of Enterprises Mobility Suite to your business or organization. We offer EMS service delivery to help you learn how to use Microsoft’s breakthrough Enterprise Mobility Suite to help securely manage all your BYOD and company-owned devices to bring the efficiency and productivity you have always wanted.