Employees today resort to using their own devices to carry out their work. It may seem convenient and efficient but the dangers it poses can be very troublesome if not managed. Not to mention the risks of potential data loss that may seem unavoidable. But with the proper data security solution and management in place, it can be prevented.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Management provides a comprehensive range of security. From data protection, detection, the response across user identity, device, application and file content. EMS supports all types of devices and unlike others, this solution works both inside and outside organizational walls, that is, on-premises and in the cloud. It offers you layers of security starting from authenticating your identity to protecting your data with advanced technologies.

The core focus of the Enterprise Mobility Microsoft toolset ensures that sensitive documents can be securely accessed by users, regardless of their location and device. EMS also allows companies to manage applications and devices, helping facilitate user productivity while maintaining compliance and reducing risk.

Once you have an insight how to prevent data loss, the next step is learning how to execute the solution you chose. To know more about the capabilities of Enterprise Mobility Solutions, email us at